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Storm Damage

When your home suffers damages from storm, hail, or any other emergency category, call us today for repairs. Our team of experts can handle insurance replacement services.

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Roof Insurance Claims

Roof insurance claims can be some of the most frustrating experiences you’ll have to deal with. Especially if you aren’t prepared and the decisions don’t go your way. It’s no secret that having a strong, functional roof is crucial for keeping your family safe and your property protected. Since the insurance process can be long and drawn out, you could be at risk without a viable solution.

We handle insurance claims so you don’t have to.
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storm damage

At Maumee River Roofing, we like to help people navigate the tricky world of roof insurance claims. We provide fast repairs and will ensure everything goes as planned. Our roofers will work directly with your insurance company to help save you money. We will also make sure the storm damage restoration process gets the attention it needs as soon as possible.

Storm Damage Claims

After a storm strikes and causes damage to your roof, call us! It’s important to take action with a storm damage insurance claim as soon as possible. Yours won’t be the only roof in the neighborhood that requires attention!

Indiana storms have been known to cause widespread damage. The sooner you get the insurance claim submitted and the repair process started, the sooner things can get back to normal.

The first step you should take is to contact our roofing company. We will provide you with a FREE inspection and provide a quote for repairs or replacement, depending on the extent of the storm damage.

Next, we will help you process your insurance claim. The insurance company will send an adjuster to survey the damage. If you have a reputable roofing company in your corner, any decisions will be made according to code and not based on an insurer’s desire to avoid paying your claim.

Trusting the pros

We are very thorough in how we perform our inspection process, leaving no detail undiscovered, and no stone unturned. Not only in roofing, but we can inspect all exterior aspects of your home. We will examine the siding of your home, check your windows and gutters as well. When verifying any traces of damage, we will be made aware of all or any recent storms in the past to make sure they are potential signs of damage from those events. When we examine your roof we attend to it with safety equipment to ensure our teams safety as well.

Common Damages After A Storm

When you need a new shingle roof installation, we can replace your current shingles with new ones, in a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. Enhance the curb appeal and value of your home with a new shingle roof. But, whether you intend to sell in the near future or not, having a stylish new shingle roof makes sense.

Don’t trust any company to perform your roof replacement– choose the best. Call Maumee River Roofing for a free estimate.

Even if you feel that the storm didn’t cause much damage, it’s still wise to give us a call. We will take a look for your ultimate peace of mind. You have nothing to lose with a free inspection done by our certified team. Our team will take care of you like family, from our admin team to our contractors, we’ll give you peace of mind and safety in knowing that Your Home is Our Mission. Whether it’s storm damage, siding repair, a roof inspection, whatever you may need, call Maumee River Roofing today!