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Your Home is Our Mission. Learn about what our goals are as your professional home experts in all things roofing, siding, and more!

An Abiding Passion for Getting Things Done Right

We Want To Be Your Go-To Contractor!

As your one-stop-shop for roofing repair, gutter replacement, and siding installation, Maumee River Roofing contractors make it easy to keep your home’s exterior beautiful and functional. Our siding and roofing company have a deep understanding of the importance of excellent workmanship, and bring an abiding passion for getting the job done right the first time.

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Your Home Our Mission

Founded in 2018 by an experienced roofing expert, Maumee River Roofing transforms the Property Owner–Contractor experience by keeping high standards and putting our clients first. We understand that we have to earn your trust and return business, which is why we’re punctual, friendly, and committed to integrity. Our roofing and siding contractors will answer any and all questions you have, ensuring you feel confident and informed in our workmanship. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional style, we will bring the industry’s best equipment to your property and work hard to satisfy your expectations

We Do It All

Inspections, maintenance, repairs, and installations—we do it all. Most importantly, we’re committed to protecting the environment and improving the quality of life for people in our community. When you need a contractor who will offer solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget, choose Maumee River Roofing. We serve Woodburn, Fort Wayne, Defiance, and Bryan.


Maumee River Roofing will warrant against defects in workmanship for the installation of the roofing system for a period of 25 years for repair of the roofing system as well as any damage done to the interior due to improper installation.

Why Choose Maumee River Roofing?

From shingle and metal roofing to skylights, siding, and clog-free gutter systems, Maumee River Roofing does it all with utmost care and attention to detail.

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