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We are the best Fort Wayne Roofing company. Our goal is to provide you the best possible new roof installations while keeping your home safe. Call us today for more information.

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Our roofing company in Fort Wayne has a deep understanding of the importance of excellent workmanship, and bring a passion for getting the job done right the first time at very competitive pricing. As your one-stop-shop for roofing, gutters, and siding service, we make it easy to keep your home’s exterior beautiful and functional.

We know that we have to earn your trust and return business, which is why we’re punctual, friendly, and committed to integrity. We are dedicated to excellence, and take great pride in our work and want to exceed our customer’s expectations every time.

When you need our Fort Wayne Roofing expertise, you’re coming to the experts that can perform the best possible service for your home.

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Our Mission
Mission Statement

Maumee River Roofing transforms the Fort Wayne roofing experience by maintaining the highest quality standards and always putting our clients first. We understand that we have to earn our clients’ trust and return business, which is why we’re punctual, friendly, and committed to integrity. Our roofing contractors will answer any and all questions you have, ensuring you feel confident and informed in our workmanship. Our goal is to leave an IMPACT on our communities; learn more about our IMPACT by clicking here.

Meet Benny

Meet Benny the Beaver, the beloved mascot and logo of our company! Benny is a friendly and hardworking beaver who embodies our company’s core values: IMPACT (Integrity, Mindset, Passion, Accountability, Commitment and Teamwork). With his bright smile and determined attitude, Benny has become a familiar face to our homeowners and employees alike.

As a beaver, Benny represents our commitment to building strong, durable roofs that stand the test of time. Beavers are renowned for their impressive dam-building skills, and we take inspiration from their natural abilities. Whether we’re constructing a new roof or improving an existing one, we’re the Fort Wayne roofers that approach our work with the same meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality that beavers exhibit in their building projects.

At Maumee River Roofing, we believe that beavers are builders by nature, and so are we. We’re always striving to create innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Just like Benny, we’re never satisfied with “good enough” – we’re always pushing ourselves to do better, to be better.

So the next time you see Benny’s smiling face on our logo, remember that he represents our commitment to excellence, our passion for innovation, and our unwavering dedication to building a better roof, and a better future. With Benny by our side, we’re confident that we can tackle any challenge and achieve great things together for all your roofing in Fort Wayne needs.

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Our Services

Types of Services

Maumee River Roofing Excels in High Priority Home Improvements Needs

Roof Repair

Minor or major, our Fort Wayne Roofing can perform roof repair for shingle and metal roofs are performed with unsurpassed workmanship and materials. We work fast and efficiently, never compromising on quality.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofs can crack, blister, and leak. At the earliest signs of shingle wear or tear, contact us for a free inspection. Let’s get your shingle roof back to peak performance at a cost you can bear.

Storm Damage

Not all roofing company Fort Wayne and throughout Indiana can handle storm damage. But Maumee does. When the need arises, we’re always ready to respond with high-quality repairs or restoration.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs offer many benefits that out-perform other roofing materials. Durable, fire-resistant, eco-friendly, and attractive, metal roofing is getting very popular.

Vinyl Siding

Let Maumee River Roofing handle your vinyl siding repairs and replacement needs. Choose from our range of materials, styles, and colors. We have what suits your taste and your budget.

Rain Gutters

The vitality of your home relies on efficient roof drainage. Poorly functioning gutters can lead to major structural damage. Maumee River Roofing is the roofing contractor Fort Wayne IN that can help

Commercial Roofing

Enhance and protect your business’s roofing system. Our expert and experienced team at Maumee River Roofing can perform any commercial job at the highest quality.

Insurance Restoration

Roof damage caused by weather extremes can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Not all roofing contractors knows how to navigate the process. But our expert and experienced team can!

Why Choose Maumee River Roofing?
Our Skills Extend Beyond Roofing

From shingle and metal roofing to skylights, siding, and clog-free gutter systems, the Fort Wayne roofing company, Maumee River Roofing, does it all with utmost care and attention to detail.


For premium roofing and home exterior services in Ft. Wayne IN and from northeast Indiana to northwest Ohio, contact Maumee River Roofing, today.

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