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Siding Replacement

Having high-quality Siding that compliments your entire home can be the difference maker in having the best home in the neighborhood. Call us for a quote on a siding replacement!

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What kind of siding do I need?

The many types of house siding available on the market make it easy to find a siding replacement that will not only protect your home and make it look good, but will also fit your budget. Additionally, many modern siding materials last even longer than traditional materials and require less maintenance. Our siding contractor in Fort Wayne can help you pick out the right siding material for your home.

Siding Replacement Options

There are many home siding options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular types:

Unsure what kind to choose? Our siding contractors would love to help you find the right fit for your home. Contact us for a free estimate!

When Do I Need New Siding?

It can be easy to put off replacing your home’s siding; it’s an expensive investment and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time and not realize your siding needs replacement until it’s in dire conditions.

You will know that it might be time for siding replacement when:

We offer inspections! Contact us for a siding inspection and free estimate!

Siding Contractors Who Make Siding Installation & Repair Easy

Great siding is both beautiful and functional. In fact, siding is more than panels attached to exterior walls — it’s an integral element of the system that protects your home from moisture, dirt, and damage. The team of siding contractors at Maumee River Roofing is passionate about making sure you experience everything the amazing, modern siding materials have to offer. Our experienced siding repair specialists also have the skills to install brand new siding or patch up damages and give your current siding a new lease on life.

We Also Use Quality Products

We believe a great siding installation or repair starts with quality products. Our siding contractors never compromise when it comes to material quality because we know each panel adds elegance and insulation to your home. No matter the size of the job, you can depend on us to carefully consider your needs, budget, and timeline to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits possible. From energy cost savings to enhanced curb appeal, we offer a wide range of vinyl siding options and accents that you can look forward to enjoying the results of our world-class workmanship.

A Siding Contractor You Can Trust

Our roofing company brings years of experience to your property, partnering with you to take your property to the next level. Though we’re siding and roofing specialists, we’re here to serve you as a person and a homeowner. Choose the team who will protect your interests and give you long-term peace of mind!

If you are in need of siding replacement in Fort Wayne, Huntington, Auburn, Angola or any area in Allen County, call us today at (260) 579-6970.