Maumee River Roofing celebrated its inaugural participation in the Three Rivers Festival Parade, a highlight of the annual Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on July 8th, 2023. The festival, spanning over several days, is a beloved event that brings the community together through various activities and celebrations.

The Three Rivers Festival, spanning several days, is a cultural extravaganza that captures the essence of Fort Wayne’s rich diversity. Amidst the array of festivities, our debut in the festival’s hallmark parade was an opportunity to connect with the community, and show our passion for making an IMPACT with our local community. 🎉❤️

“United Through the Arts” – A Creative Endeavor


Embracing this year’s festival theme, “United Through the Arts,” Our team came up with a heartwarming art project involving a group of wonderful children. Each child painted their own canvas, expressing their uniqueness and what they loved most about themselves. From spreading kind words to themselves and those around them, they embodied the spirit of what it means to be connected through unity.

Shared Moments Of Unity

As our wonderful Team and youngsters traversed the city streets, we shared joy by distributing candy and stickers, capturing delightful moments through photos, and interacting with the spirited crowd. The day was not just a celebration of our inaugural participation but also a reminder of the strong bond we share with the Fort Wayne community.


Benny the Beaver Spreads Joy

A crowd favorite, Benny the Beaver, our beloved mascot, rode proudly in the back of our decorated truck. Benny’s infectious energy radiated throughout the parade route, symbolizing our dedication to creating a positive IMPACT in the Fort Wayne community. Waves, smiles, and laughter ensued as Benny connected with parade-goers of all ages


Join Us on Our Journey

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