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This holiday season we were challenged by our friendly neighbors over at Vision Scapes to donate 5 bags of toys to Santa’s Soldiers, and you better believe our Team delivered! Our amazing Team here at Maumee River Roofing got in the spirit of giving and pulled together over 5 full bags of toys for those in need. It was our duty to create an IMPACT in the community for those in need the most this Holiday season, and create a ripple effect spreading kindness and joy!


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We Challenge You! 🤝

As a company that values community spirit, we extended the challenge to our partners at ABC Supply Co. and the wonderful team at Mama Mia’s Pizza. Together, we aimed to create a positive impact that would resonate far beyond the holiday season.

Expressing Gratitude to Those Who Helped Make an IMPACT! 

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Santa’s Soldiers for their dedication to making Christmas brighter for children. To Vision Scapes, ABC Supply Co., and Mama Mia’s Pizza, thank you for joining hands with us in this meaningful endeavor.

Let’s continue to spread joy, kindness, and holiday cheer. Together, we can make a lasting IMPACT in our beloved Fort Wayne community. 🎄

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite you, to join us on this journey of community upliftment. Follow us on our FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn to stay updated on this impactful collaboration and other community initiatives. At Maumee River Roofing, we’re not just roofing experts; we’re community builders, and together, we’re creating a stronger, more supportive Fort Wayne for all.