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When Storm Damage Hits Fort Wayne Roofing, Get Help Fast.

Severe weather is no stranger to Northeast Indiana. When it’s time to address damaged roofing Fort Wayne Indiana, property owners look to contractors who act fast and perform restoration work with superior skill. Maumee River Roofing responds quickly to keep your home and your belongings protected. This year, 2022, saw the most powerful storm the region has seen in years. The severe weather in northeast Indiana downed trees and took out utility lines. Hurricane-force winds caused several power poles to break. Tens of thousands reside in this area and many suffered roof damage. But even under normal circumstances, weather can take its toll on homes and buildings here, triggering roofing companies Fort Wayne IN to shift into overdrive to care for as many property owners as possible.

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Our expert services for storm response include a thorough inspection of property damage; meeting with the insurance adjuster; getting the roof system repaired while adhering to following code requirements and manufacturer specifications. Our service in your time of need makes us a roofing contractor Fort Wayne residents and business owners turn to regularly.

  • Fast, on-site storm damage assessment
  • Quick ordering of new roofing materials 
  • knowledgeable help with insurance claims
  • Expert restoration services performed
  • Tarping to quickly stop moisture intrusion
  • Adherence to manufacturer specifications and county/city code requirements
  • Fair, transparent pricing

Do You Need Your Roof Worked On?

It can be difficult to tell if you need a new roof or urgent roof repairs. When you’re looking for roofing Fort Wayne IN, consider giving Maumee River Roofing a chance to inspect your situation, provide honest input about your needs, if any, and put together a free estimate. Addressing these common signs of damage may be required:

  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles
  • Displaced or bent metal roofing panels
  • Water spots on an interior walls or ceilings
  • Fallen tree limbs on your roof
  • Detached gutters, fascia, or soffits
  • Loose flashing around your chimney, skylights, or other roof penetrations such as exhaust vents
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Your Fort Wayne Roofing Contractor Should Respond Rapidly When Damage Strikes Your Property.​

Addressing roof damage quickly is the key to preventing additional property loss from a leaking structure.  Moisture can penetrate interiors, causing ceiling and walls damage, and potentially soaking valuable furniture and objects inside your home or business. Maumee River Roofing will get to the scene quickly to mitigate costly after effects of a storm.

Roof Replace and Repair Materials Need to Be Ordered ASAP!

After a storm hits the Ft. Wayne area, roofing supplies can be depleted rapidly, as northeast Indiana roofing contractors scramble for limited materials from regional roofing suppliers. Maumee River Roofing will not delay servicing your needs. We have the team and the technology to get your new roofing products purchased and installed before local supplies are exhausted. Be the first in line for roof restorations.  Call Maumee River Roofing!

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Let’s Talk About The Insurance Claims Process

Your homeowners insurance provider knows better a roof is essential to protecting the value of your home and all house contents. If your Fort Wayne area property was damaged, as from one of Northeast Indiana’s severe wind, rain, and even occasional hail storms, your roof could be fully covered by a homeowners insurance policy.

A properly filed unexpected storm damage claim, thoroughly documenting all the roof work necessary, enables roofing contractors like Maumee River Roofing to help you get the cash you need for a proper roof restoration.

What’s Involved in a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection report is a professional document which includes photographic evidence and descriptive notes assessing your roof conditions. The report contains accurate measurements and diagrams illustrating every aspect of risky damage affecting your roof. Maumee River Roofing’s professional roof inspections give property owners honest and expert advice on repairs which can not wait for remediation, and conditions that can spell trouble in the near future. 

Features of a Maumee River Roofing Inspection Report?

  • Roof diagram
  • Roof measurements including accurate pitch 
  • Photographs of problem areas
  • Diagnostic description of damage 
  • Recommended repairs
  • Preliminary estimate for roof repairs or replacement 
  • Supportive documentation for insurance claim, if applicable 
  • Ongoing roof maintenance recommendations
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Let a Roofing Contractor Prepare Your Home Before Storms Arrive.

Rain, snow, wind, and are a part of life in Northeast Indiana. Maumee River Construction knows what the weather can do to homes in Allen County IN and surrounding communities. When severe weather is forecasted, Maumee River Roofing can make sure your roof is ready. Contact us about getting valuable, on-site storm-readiness advice as a preventative measure. 

  • Installation of tie down hardware, such as wind straps or hurricane clips
  • Pre-storm tarping of vulnerable parts of your roof Thorough examination of your roof, looking for and fixing loose tiles, shingles, flashing, and gutters
  • Secure or remove loose objects around your property
  • Threat assessment of overhanging tree branches
  • Examination of out-buildlings, such as sheds and greenhouses to ensure safety and storm resistance

When weather strikes Fort Wayne, Maumee River Roofing is at your service!

Summer wind gusts, winter blizzards… Violent weather in northeast Indiana can bring large hail and damaging winds to the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Your roof is your first defense against these elements. With proper maintenance, a roof can withstand serious weather events year-round.  However, if damage is incurred, Maumee River Roofing will act fast to ensure your immediate and long term safety by fixing or replacing, if necessary, your home and building exteriors.  

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