5 Signs You Need Siding Repair Fort Wayne IN

Along with the roof, the siding also protects your home from the weather. They are one of the most exposed parts of the house, which is why you need to be aware when you need to call for the best siding repair Fort Wayne IN has to offer. To help you, we’ll discuss in this blog post the five common signs that indicate you need a siding repair. Knowing these warning signals is crucial so that you can have any siding issues fixed the soonest time possible before they worsen and cause further damage to your home.
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Cracks or gaps

These are usually caused by storm damage, temperature changes, or normal wear and tear. Although some homeowners may think that cracks and gaps are not something to be worried about, this should not be the case.

If cracks and gaps are left untreated or ignored, they can become an entry point for water intrusion and pest infestation. So as soon as you notice them on your siding, you need to call right away for the best siding repair Fort Wayne IN has to offer.

Warping and bulging

There can be many reasons why your siding is warping or bulging. It can be because of too much exposure to direct sunlight or because it was installed too tightly leaving no room for expansion and contraction.

Although some may think that warping and bulging are merely aesthetic issues, this is not true. This siding issue may actually lead to extensive water damage if not repaired the soonest time possible.


This is another sign that your siding needs repair. Siding is supposed to help protect your home from the weather and whatever mother nature throws at it. If it is starting to crumble and rot, it cannot function properly and effectively as it should.

Although some may think that rotting siding will need a full replacement already, that is not always the case. They can still be repaired so long as the rot affects only a few sections. So before that rot worsens, have them repaired right away.

Water damage

There are various reasons why your home is suffering from water damage. It may be because of your roof, or it may be because of your siding as well. When the siding is damaged, water will be able to seep through inside the property causing more damage.

These will cause staining on your interior and exterior walls, perpetuate moss and mold growth, and provide a perfect breeding ground for pests and small animals.

This is why as soon as you notice these, you immediately need to call for the best siding repair Fort Wayne IN has to offer.

Higher energy bills

If your energy bills are suddenly shooting to the roof even if there were no significant changes in your household’s energy consumption, your siding may be the culprit.

The siding also provides insulation to the house. If it is damaged, such as there are holes or cracks on them, it wouldn’t be able to function properly. Air will freely enter and exit your house putting a strain on your HVAC system causing an increase in your energy bills.

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