6 Signs You Need Roof Repairs Fort Wayne IN

Roofs are meant to protect you and your property from the weather. When it’s damaged, it can no longer function properly and effectively as it should. This is why you need to have them repaired right away by the best contractor for roof repairs Fort Wayne IN has to offer. But when exactly can you say that your roof needs repairs? How can you know that it’s time to call for a roofing contractor? Well, this blog post can help you.

Here are some of the telltale signs that indicate your roof needs some repair. This way, you can have your roof problems fixed before they worsen and cause more damage to your property. Knowing these signs can also save you from expensive repairs and roof replacement costs.

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This is perhaps the most common problem for roofs. When your roof is damaged and has holes in them, water can easily seep through underneath the roof’s underlayment. When this happens, it can cause severe water damage not just to your roof but to your property in general. Worse, it can even compromise the structural integrity of your home. This is why before the leak worsens, you need to have them repaired right away.

Missing granules

Shingles are painted with a protected coating to shield them from excessive exposure to the sunlight. If this coating (also called granules) loosens and run-off, so does the protection on your roof. This will make it easier for the sun and water to cause roof leaks and deterioration. So as soon as you notice granules on your gutters or below your roof, this is a sign that your roof needs repairs.

Curled or cracking shingles

When your roof is damaged by storms or is excessively exposed to the sunlight, it can cause the shingles to curl or crack. This, however, does not mean that you need to have your roof replaced right away. So long as the curling and the cracks affect only a few shingles, you can still have them repaired. Contact the best contractor in roof repairs Fort Wayne IN has to offer. They can help you fix this roof problem.

Missing or damaged shingles

Storms and strong winds can damage and dislodge your shingles. When this happens, it can become an entry point for moisture and insects causing water damage and insect infestation. Moss and mold may even start growing on them. But don’t worry, this can still be repaired so long as it affects only a few shingles and not the entire roof itself. So as soon as you see any shingles missing or damaged on your roof, have them repaired right away.

Moss and mold growth

If water is trapped on your roof, it can cause moss and mold to grow, especially in areas that don’t get much sunlight. A bit of moss or mold is not something you should worry about as they can still be removed from your roof. However, this is not the case if the growth is already severe and already affects almost the entirety of the roof itself. This is why as soon as you notice them growing on your roof, you should have them taken care of immediately before they worsen and cause more damage.

High energy bills

If you notice a sudden increase in your home’s energy bills, your roof may be the culprit. Aside from providing protection against the weather, the roof also provides insulation for your property. If it is damaged, it will not be able to function as it is. Air may freely enter and exit your property through the roof thereby driving your energy bills up.

Do you need roof repairs Fort Wayne IN?

Maumee River Construction is the best contractor for roof repairs Fort Wayne IN has to offer. We will perform a thorough roof inspection to determine the root cause of your roof issues before providing fast and efficient roof repair services to address them. We can help get your roof back in shape in time. So for any of your roof repair needs, contact us today to get a free on-site estimate!

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