Maumee River Roofing and Benny the Beaver embraced the Halloween spirit at the Midwest Shooting Center’s Trunk-or-Treat, creating an unforgettable evening of community joy and candy-filled excitement.

benny-posing-with-children-in-costumes Benny-spreading-Halloween-spirit

benny-handing-out-candy-at-trunk-or-treatUnleashing Halloween Spirit at Trunk-or-Treat 🎃

Our Team, clad in spooky attire, joined the Midwest Shooting Center’s Trunk-or-Treat, transforming our space into a Halloween haven. With Benny the Beaver leading the charge, we brought laughter and treats to families from Fort Wayne and beyond.

Interacting with the community was the highlight of the night. As children and families visited our trunk, we shared smiles, laughs, and, of course, loads of candy. It was a fantastic opportunity to forge deeper connections with the community and fellow businesses present at the event.

Thank You Midwest Shooting Center

We want to extend our sincere thanks to Midwest Shooting Center for hosting such a fantastic event. Their commitment to fostering community bonds aligns seamlessly with our mission of making a positive IMPACT. Being part of this spooky celebration was an honor, and we hope everyone had a spooktacular time!

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